Avoiding Freshman 15


Freshman’s life doesn’t mean gaining weight. While you have to be independent at this stage and to be responsible for the food you are going to eat, you have to think ways on how to stay fit without spending much. Freshman 15 is commonly expressed when a freshman student gain weight, which is approximately 15 pounds. Many gain more weight during their first year in college because of too much of or increased alcohol intake and, of course, eating more food rich in fats and carbohydrate. To avoid this, freshmen,…

Headache Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Headaches Pocketchange photo

Having a headache, no matter how “insignificant” can ruin your day. Just like a toothache, headaches can render you immobile so before you hit your highest pain tolerance, you better heed these tips to save yourself unnecessary pain. Water – some causes of headaches is dehydration. Drinking lots of water to hydrate yourself just might do the trick. You could also get rid of some toxins by flushing them down with H2O. Coffee – for some, drinking coffee could trigger or worsen the headache but for some, drinking coffee actually…

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