Easter Decoration Must-Haves

Easter table runner | by agistadler https://flic.kr/p/mtrm8i via Creative Commons

Easter is just around the corner and the grocery list is probably ready for the Easter dinner menu. But after you complete your cooking ingredients, you realize that the dining table or your home as a whole is not that Easter-ready. And just as how you prepare for Christmas, Easter actually deserves even more attention. Why? Easter is actually the fulfillment of our December celebrations. Anyway, one thing is sure: both seasons are celebrated by believers and non-believers alike. But before we get too doctrinaire and go out of our…

DIY Paper Mache Confetti Easter Eggs

Confetti Eggs | by David and Jocelyn https://flic.kr/p/fkVkJm via Creative Commons

Easters eggs can be a real surprise especially when they have unique designs. But for a change, here in Become, we suggest to put some excitement on your Easter eggs this year by making them as paper maches and not real eggs with a cool twist of putting your goodies inside. What will you need? Small Balloons Paper confetti of desired shapes Mod Podge Foam Brush Instructions: Inflate the small balloons and tie them off. Coat it with Mod Podge. Other glues can also work but be sure that it…

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