Father’s Day Gifts Dads Don’t Want


It is now time to wear those thinking caps as Father’s Day fast approaches. And before you even start to read online magazines and shopping websites about the popular gift ideas you want to give the hero of your life, don’t just grab the next discounted item you see on the front page. Read the list below so you would know what you should not buy for your dad. Neck Tie Undecided between patterned and plain neck ties? Why not try the ones with some cartoon characters printed on it?…

The Easter Bonnet Fashion

easter2012_DSC_0218 | by Michael Fleshman https://flic.kr/p/bLNv78 via Creative Commons

Why do people wear bonnets on Easter? It is said to represent the tradition of putting on new clothes on Easter Sunday as a promise of redemption and spiritual renewal. Bonnets were introduced into pop culture by Irving Berlin in his song Easter Parade. Since then, it has become an unofficial fashion requirement along 5th Avenue each year. Tracing the tradition, bonnets are purposefully worn by women and girls on Easter services. After the religious observances comes the parade where the bonnets have obvious functionality. Easter was also the time…

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