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Recipes to give leftover chicken new styles

chicken wraps | by avlxyz via Creative Commons

Dress your leftover chicken with a style. These days being innovative in the kitchen creates wonder in the food served on the table. It is not an excuse anymore to throw leftover or eat the same dish that triggers taste fatigue. These easy-to-do recipes would get you addicted to bring new faces to your leftover chicken. What to do with your leftover chicken? Wrap and toss. Wrappin’ them up For your conservative leftover chicken, make yourself comfortable wrapping it in either flour tortillas or spinach wraps. Combine it with a…

What’s with the King Cake?

King Cake | by NatalieMaynor via Creative Commons

Taking its name from the magi from the Bible, the King Cake is a traditional cake being served from the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas up until Mardi Gras. During this period, every party or parade you attend will likely have a King Cake. It is traditionally round or oval in shape and has a baby hidden inside. It is said that when you get the slice with the baby, good luck will come. You will also be considered as the king (or queen) of the party. The…

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