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Superfast Salad Recipes We Love

Salad | by Matt Kowal via Creative Commons

Just because the cold winter air still hasn’t gone bye-bye, it doesn’t mean you’ll let yourself get stuck in soups and stews! We know, we know, it’s warm and comforting to eat all those hot tasty treats come wintertime but you need your greens, too. And to make it really easy, here are two superfast salad recipes you can prep for as little as 20 minutes or less: Boston Lettuce with Herbs and Almonds Ingredients: 6 cups Boston lettuce leaves 1 cup fresh parsley leaves 1 cup fresh cilantro leaves…

Hangover Cures from the Diner

Diner Hangover | by Marshall Astor  via Creative Commons

Been partying all weekend long? Sure, indulging in cocktails and beers are always a fun idea when going out for ladies’ night or an all-boys night out. But between the drunk texting and the string of rum colas, Cosmos, and tequila shots followed with ice cold beer, a simple night out can turn you into a really badly beaten up pile of crazy mess the morning after. Because that’s when the nightmare begins: the dreaded Hangover. The pain. The nausea. The endless stream of thoughts of the stuff you wish…

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