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Time-Saving Breakfast Recipes for Moms

Easy Breakfast | by StarsApart via Creative Commons

Mornings with kids can be pretty messy, noisy, and downright exhausting. There’s the trouble of waking the kids up – pulling them out of their beds and into the bathroom. There’s the dressing them up in their uniforms. Lucky if they’ve got uniforms or else you’ll have to go through the harrowing experience of picking which clothes to wear when. And then, of course, there’s that trouble of while already doing the aforementioned, you’ll also have to be prepping breakfast, and packing the kid’s lunch. Sometimes making breakfast is the…

Chinese New Year Recipe

Vegetable Noodle | by Puamelia via Creative Commons

While January 1st is easy enough to remember, the specific date of the Chinese New year varies every year, dependent on a combination of lunar and solar movements. Same with any national and local observances, the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on the 31st this year, also comes with different customs and tradition. One of which is dining on sumptuous Chinese dishes for a savory and sweet spread. Whether you’re celebrating with a few close friends for an intimate dinner or throwing a huge CNY party, here’s a delicious…

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