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Guiltless Midnight Snacks

Oatmeal, Part 2 | by emmadiscovery via Creative Commons

If you are someone who is conscious about calorie count in each bite, having midnight snack can be emotionally torturing. We all know that anything that comes into our body before bedtime will be hard to burn. But if you can’t help but munch something in the middle of the night, here are some of the healthy suggestion you can guiltlessly grab from the fridge: Cottage Cheese Low in carbs and high in protein, small portions of low-fat cottage cheese will surely calm the craving. Many fitness instructors also recommend…

Easy Fish Recipes

Fish Recipe | by TheBittenWord via Creative Commons

With all the studies conducted, you know by now that the benefits of eating fish isn’t just another humdrum fad. It not only helps lower your risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart attack, but it also helps keep those stubborn wrinkles off your face. The question now is how do you incorporate fish into your family dinners? What fish recipe out there is going to make your kids love it? Fortunately for you, we have a couple of easy, 15-minute fish recipes that you can serve for dinner, or pack…

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