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Eat This Instead: Smart Food Swaps to Make

Food Swap | by Dinner Series via Creative Commons

Be healthy, stay healthy. Cutting down on cholesterol and fats doesn’t mean you also have to cut down on taste. A low-cholesterol diet doesn’t have to be all tofu and oat bran. A low-calorie diet doesn’t always have to be carrots and peas. Here are some very smart and simple food swaps that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine: 1. Ditch the soda and drink water instead. Sodas are empty calories. They are liquid candies that do nothing good for your body. To add flavor, just drop a…

Reviving Your Kitchen Space


The kitchen is that place in the home where not only meals are prepared but precious moments are shared over cooking, baking, and exchanging recipes. A kitchen must be an enticing and uplifting place, because this is where all the action takes place. We spend many hours in our kitchens and this is also where we entertain our guests and gather together before and after meals. It’s the true heart of the home. Before redecorating or updating this space, consider your home lifestyle and what best suits your family. Get…

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