How slim or wide should your tie go?

tie | by freddie boy via Creative Commons

Should you go for a slim tie or a wide tie? This question usually pops out on men’s clothing forums and leads some to long debates. The wrong thing about online discussions is the way questions are being framed. Most men would ask about the recent fashion trends or thoughts on skinny ties. How skinny should it be? Do you prefer wide ties over slim ties? While these questions are valid inquiries, the ultimate question is often overlooked. Is there a rule of thumb in choosing the width of your…

V-neck vs Crew Neck: Which side of the urbanwear camp are you?

Contrast | by Boudewijn Berends via Creative Commons

When it comes to fashion, men usually don’t want to complicate things. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt would do to start the day right. In most cases, men buy random clothes with designs and cuts they find cool while not being sure if it will flatter them or not. In choosing a shirt to wear in an ordinary day, some don’t bother to ask the difference between crew neck and V-neck tees. To avoid wearing either of these shirt styles the wrong way, here are some of the…

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