Tips on Keeping Your Pug Healthy

Pug shot | by jonclegg via Creative Commons

They have the cutest big eyes, the weirdest wrinkly face and the shortest sweaty snout that make them the most adorable creature you could find. Bearing the face from one of the Chinese zodiac signs, with ancient roots as pets in Tibetan monasteries, they are said to bring good luck and have been known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds. Yet, in spite of their wonderful personalities, they are very susceptible to heart diseases, bone defects and respiratory problem. But this should not discourage you to own…

What’s the use of cats’ whiskers

cats whiskers | by Tomi Tapio via Creative Commons

Wonder why cats have whiskers? Perhaps, most cat lovers here know exactly the functions of whiskers. In case you miss it, whiskers are part of cats’ tactile sensory system. Anyway, the major function of cats’ whiskers is to send information to the sensory nerves to let cats get familiar with and to know the surroundings well. They serve as radar of the cats that help them response to changes in their environment. If you were trimming your cats’ whiskers, I suggest you discontinue it. Your cats need it to accurately…

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