Himalayan or Siamese

Himalayan | by Helena Jacoba http://www.flickr.com/photos/69302634@N02/9362354644/ via Creative Commons

Some cat lovers or pet lovers are still confused if one is a Himalayan or a Siamese. It is mainly because both have the same color; however, both have different hair lengths. But wait a minute, you can distinguish one not only by their coats but also with their behaviors. Purry furry coats Purebred Siamese have short, soft hair that is shiny and stick tightly to their body. Brushing Siamese’s lovely fur does not require you to do it on a daily basis because it doesn’t get tangled. Whereas Himalayans,…

Right cat litter for your beloved paws

“cat litter” | by armst http://www.flickr.com/photos/armst/3669131031/ via Creative Commons

There’s nothing more pleasant than having a bad odor-free cats’ pees and poops at home. Cat lovers know exactly what this mean, that’s why they pay attention to their furry companion’s small “comfort room”. They train their beloved cats to use the litter tray to avoid the unpleasant smell and mess on the floor and corners or darkest parts of the house. Choosing the litter to put on the tray is not straightforward. You can just pick what you think is best for your indoor cats, but then later you…

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