Dog collars are easy insurance for lost dogs

dog collars, personalized dog collar

There are times when we tend to overlook obvious and blatant dangers that lie before us. We often think accidents, ill-health and other things are more likely to happen to other people and forget that we are vulnerable to the same dangers. That’s where insurance comes in. An insurance policy that covers hidden and obvious dangers is like a security blanket. Similarly, we’re often mistaken in thinking that house dogs are trained and obedient and will not get lost. However, they can easily slip away while you’re taking them for…

Frontline Plus For Dogs

Frontline Plus For Dogs

Summertime means sunshine, warm weather, and long walks at the park. Unfortunately, if you’re a dog owner, it also means fleas and ticks. Summer is flea and tick season because the warm weather leads to quicker development of the parasites, and also because pet owners tend to take their dogs out more during the summer, and they play in the grass or with other infected dogs and end up with fleas and ticks themselves. Luckily, there are a number of medications on the market out there for fleas. One of…

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