Furminator Review

Furminator In Action

This post is a review of the Furminator deshedding tool. So what exactly is the Furminator? The Furminator is designed for cats and dogs that have thick fur coats during the winter, but tend to shed during the summer. This happens with a lot of dogs such as Huskies and Pyrenees are originally from northern climates, where having lots of fur during the winter was a survival mechanism, and shedding that fur in the summer allowed them to cool down. While that’s fine if the dog is living in the…

How important is it to buy healthy dog food?

cheap dog food, natural dog food

When it comes to children, nothing is good enough. Some of us go to the extent of giving them only natural or organic food. Meal plans for the entire family every week is a perennial challenge. Every meal has to be filled with the right nutrients, be non-fattening and suit each member’s taste. So why exclude our pets? Most pet owners treat their pets as part of the family. As such, you’ll want to give your pet nothing but the best. Only the healthiest and most nutritious food is fit…

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