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5 Healthy Summer Supper Recipes

Summer Supper | by Mr Michael Phams via Creative Commons

Summer means endless parties, play dates, and family dinners that sometimes one cannot just keep up with. Hosts usually find themselves asking “Have I served this dish before?” or “Is Aunt Mary allergic to this one, too?” It’s not always fun and games when it comes to summer suppers and to help relieve the hosts of the trouble of thinking up new dishes for the night, here are 5 of our top summer supper picks: Spanish Tapas Panzanella Crock Pot Vegetable Ziti Grilled Chicken Recipes Gwyneth Paltrow’s Salmon with Sriracha…

Fourth of July Décor Ideas

It’s another year to celebrate the country’s independence. Flags are propped up all across your neighbor’s lawns and you think – how else could I decorate my house this year? If you’re sick of simply covering everything in your place with reds, blues, and whites, here are some cute and easy-to-do homemade decors you could use to liven up your Fourth of July festivities: Instead of lining up your windows with lights in the color of the flag, try tying blue, red, and white tiny ribbons on a string of…

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