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Really Simple Weight Loss Tips

Breakfast | by Avid Hills via Creative Commons

While there’s no denying the harsh realities of wanting to lose weight and losing the willpower to actually fight off those hunger pangs, there are little things you can do and easy changes to help fix those unhealthy snacking habits. Eat breakfast every day. Various researches have proven that eating daily breakfast can help curb your appetite throughout the day. Enjoy big breakfast meals because your most efficient metabolism is during the morning. Stock up on protein, eat oatmeal, and add at least two eggs in the morning. This keeps…

Post-Breakup Survival Tips: Ex-Proof the Apartment

Painting Loft | by Mae Chevrette via Creative Commons

It happens. One day, you’re the happiest, most envied couple in your group. The next week, you’re both in tears, with her taking all her clothes out of the apartment you shared for almost four years. Breakups are sad, messy, and even the sanest ones entail some kind of an emotional mini hurricane that can leave you feeling like a part of your heart was literally chopped off and left to rot in your now empty place. Who gets the couch? In a shared space living setup, post-breakups can be…

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