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Is it Knit or Crochet?

knitting and crocheting “knit scarves” | by kelly.sikkema via Creative Commons

Some think that knitting and crocheting are only the same because both crafts use yarns or wools to produce a fabric or products like clothes, bags, and toys. The process and tools are different for the two techniques of interconnecting loops. Beginners of either crafts should have to be familiar in the knitting and crocheting tools and the types of stitches to begin with their projects. They also have to know the differences between knitting and crocheting to know which one appeals most to them, or most comfortable to use….

6 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence | by SweetOnVeg  via Creative Commons

On any given day, your confidence level can drop in an instant with just about any little thing – having no milk for cereal in the morning, heavy traffic on your commute to work, inkless pens, and more. It’s fairly easy falling into a self-confidence rut. And as everyone suffers from varying degrees of lack of confidence, there’s also the feeling of anxiety, fear, and discouragement that goes along with it. Fight back and reclaim your days. Avoid missing out on new things and life’s wonderful experiences with these confidence-boosting…

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