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Penmanship reveals personalities

handwriting | by makeshiftlove via Creative Commons

As we write, we also reveal our personalities based on the sizes, loops, spaces, and pressure, among others. It is always interesting to know a person by his or her handwriting; it is like you are reading his or her mind. Each letter and every number, even spaces, give hints on the distinct characters and current emotions of an individual. Wonder what does your penmanship tell you? Graphology is the study of handwriting, wherein the individual’s personalities as well as abilities and health conditions can be identified. Many experts say…

To Do List Before Leaving for Vacation

Chicco in the luggage | by jetalone via Creative Commons

If you are leaving your home or your work for quite some time, make sure that you have prepared everything you need. Yet, more than the items you should not forget to bring with you, here are some of the things you need to do a few days before the departure date for a worry-free travel. Charge all batteries Be sure that all your gadgets and cameras are fully charged the day before leaving. Also, check the memory card for the space your trip might require. Print and photocopy your…

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