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5 Tips to Avoid Going Broke After College

College Debt | by MeddyGarnet via Creative Commons

Even before entering the workforce, the average student is already in $24,000 student loan debt. So basically, they’re already broke. It’s an embarrassing state to be found in deep debt that you have to admit defeat and move back in your parent’s house, work two jobs, and still accept various freelancing gigs. Thankfully, it’s not impossible to avoid getting into that shocking situation. With a couple of lifestyle changes here and there, you can get settled in to adapt a new level of financial responsibility. Here are some tips to…

The Life and Love on Year of the Horse

year of the horse | by kennejima via Creative Commons

This coming January 31 marks the start of the year of the horse in Chinese calendar. While we don’t have to celebrate Chinese New Year, we still fond of knowing the good and bad lucks associated with our birth year. However, we should take note that all the predictions can happen or not at all. So, let’s just enjoy reading and knowing what astrology brings to our life this year. For those who were born in the year of the Rat, this year will be challenging for you if the…

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